All the Products are Made from 99.98% Farm Fresh, Grass Fed, Carefully & Responsibly Sourced Cow's Milk.

At EnNutrica, We Manufacture World Class Dairy Ingredients with excellent Hygiene Standards From 99.98% Free Range Grass Grazed Cow Milk.


Our Prestegious Clients

About EnNutrica | Raaj Dairy Ingredients

EnNutrica | Formery Raaj Dairy ingredients, started production in 2015 with a Vision to produce High Quality Milk Proteins, whey proteins and Casein Proteins for the Nutrition, Dairy and Food  Industry.

We procure milk directly from Farmers who have Free Range cattle farm and more organically oriented to produce milk from cattle by feeding the cattle with a wide variety of Nutritious food from different sources paving way for premium milk proteins quality.

We work closely with the farmers to make sure that the animals are fed in the right way. Afterall any animal’s product is completely based on what the animal eats. We educate the farmers on best feeding practices and best rearing practices to train them and monitor them continuously with a team of Veterinarian Doctors to ensure that the final product is at its best performance.

EnNutrica Team Closely monitors the milk quality that comes for production by making sure the Milk is free from Contaminants.

EnNutrica makes proteins with utmost care from the Farm to Table to make sure our clients produce the Best products in the market.