BakeTex is a Special Mineral Rich Tasty Acid Whey Powder from Casein or Cottage Cheese production, with high Lactose Content and Slightly Sour taste due to the Mineral content of the Whey. This is perfect for adding taste and texture to all baked food, any Flour Application and for Whole Grain Breads.

Adds excellent Taste and Volume to Bread and Other Baked goods.

Whey ingredients have been utilized by the baking industry for decades for many of the same reasons that whey ingredients are used today. It provided the benefits of added browning, a tender crumb texture and cost savings for many bakery products. Whey ingredients have the ability to provide emulsification, foaming or whipping, good solubility, thickening, browning, gelation, nutritional fortification, water binding and a clean flavour. Adding EnNutrica’s BAKETEX will increase the Maillard reaction (surface browning), increase the tenderness of the finished product.

Puffs, biscotti, rusk, savarine and crackers all have a similar issue – the loss of flavour during the drying process. EnNutrica’s BAKETEX can help bind and enhance flavours, and in some instances, flavour dosage may be able to be reduced. Whey ingredient products have also been shown in certain situations to make flavours more resilient through the drying process, yielding a more intense flavour profile in the finished product. Formulating products with lower protein, high lactose whey ingredients, such as EnNutrica’s BAKETEX, is recommended when the goal is to develop surface browning and caramelized flavours. EnNutrica’s BAKETEX is a versatile ingredient for the baking industry because of its ability to replace other carbohydrates and eliminate added salt in a product. In addition, it imparts a desirable flavour and added minerals to baked products.

1) Application of Browning of crackers and biscotti


When used in baking, whey ingredients can emulsify, thicken, brown, and foam products. Whey powder also increases solubility, gelation, water binding and nutritional fortification. However, the effect depends on the type and level of whey protein concentrate (WPC), ranging from 11% to over 90% which is whey protein isolate (WPI).

WPC 11 to 14.5%, or sweet whey, is used for color enhancement and a calcium source.

WPC 34 enhances color, browning and protein fortification. It is often found in crackers or biscotti. WPC 34 or 80 is best for egg replacement in baked goods and has a high level of protein. The highest level, WPI, adds high protein with few to zero fat and carbohydrates.

Whey has strong water-binding properties to fight off staleness, a welcome addition when using whole wheat flour. With gums, it also adds fiber without creating a gummy texture common in whole wheat products.

They can be used in helping replace gluten levels, because its structure and gas-trapping properties mimic gluten. It also can help reduce fat and carbohydrates while increasing the nutritional benefits of the product.

2) Application of Acid Whey on Bread for Color enhancing, Crust Color and Removing yeast Odour


Experimental dried acid whey concentrates obtained after ultrafiltration was used as a tool modeling properties of wheat or wheat-rye dough and breads. The changes in the technological properties and sensory parameters of dough and baking products were determined. A significant increase was observed in the yield of wheat breads under the influence of acid whey concentrate. In comparison to the control samples the volume of experimental bread loaves was decreased. The breads with concentrates were characterized by a statistically significant increase in contents of total minerals, lactose, lactic acid, cal-cium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc contents. The dry acid whey positively affected on crust color, sweet and yeast odor, sweet, bitter and acidulous taste or mastication of experimental bread.

3) Application on Baking for High Yield freshness and Bread Volume

ennutrica whey protein

Acid Whey Powder aka BakeTex

How Acid Whey Powder is Made?

Whey protein is Separated from casein Protein of Milk when the Milk is Made in to Acid casein.

The Whole Milk will have Fat along with Solid Not Fat (SNF) and water. This SNF has Protein, Lactose (Carbohydrates) and Minerals. Milk Contains 2 Major Proteins viz., Casein (80%) and Whey (20%).   

When Making Casein, De Fatted Skimmed Milk is used for the process. The Valuable Casein Proteins are Denatured and coagulated by  Mineral Acid and the Whey Proteins along with Lactose Gets Separated as whey water. 

There are Several Kinds of whey powder and Here we represent the Acid Whey Powder from Casein process.  Acid Whey Powder normally has a Sour Chalky taste, due to the High Concentration of Valuable Milk Minerals , it is used to add Tangy Taste to Different Products. 

Applications of Acid whey powder:

In Baking Industry for Volume and Shelf Life Increase:

  • in Salt Bread For Adding taste Via Adding Milk Minerals,
  • Multi Grain Bread for Longer Shelf Life and Browing,
  • Rusks for Browning and Salty taste
  • Biscuits for Browning and High Crispyness

To add Tangy Taste and a Blended Feel in

  • Masala & Ready made Masala Powders 
  • Soups & Ready made Soup Powders
  • Gravy & Ready made Gravy Powders
  • Biryani & Biryani Pre Mixes
  • beverage Juices

To add Tangy Taste and Volume of Final Product 

  • Cereals as Carbohydrate and Protein Source
  • Milk Plain Khoa Preparations for added Caramelized Taste
  • All Flours for Increasing the Softness and Shelf life of Chappathi / Roti / Naan / Parotta Etc for Extra Crispy and Soft Feel
  • To Make Veg Parotta Taste like Non veg (Egg Added) Parotta
  • on Grilled Meat as Seasoning 

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