ActivDay Choco

Natural Milk Proteins


Proteins are the building blocks of Muscles, Bones, Skin cells & Tissues.

Activday Choco is a protein nutri shake mix that can be used for weight management and as a regular protein source.

It has 9 essential amino acids to build strength, immunity and fitness in all age groups. Made by cold filtration process of skimmed milk.

Activday Choco, has the Perfect Ratio of Fast release and Slow release proteins delivering uniform energy for extended period of time. Natural highest quality protein with the best digestibility score PDCAAS of 1 which is the highest value for any protein*

World Health Organization recommends consume protein having PDCAAS 1, as these proteins are easily digested, absorbed and provides the essential amino acids. Score of 1 representing the highest score possible for a quality protein source.

Nutritional Facts(Approx., 100g)Essential Vitamins(Approx., 100g)Essential Minerals(Approx., 100g)Essential & Non – Essential Amino acids(Approx., 100g)
Energy (Kcal)362Vitamin A(mcg)105Zinc(mg)9.9Histidine (g)1.7
Total Fat (g)1Vitamin D(mcg)0.1Magnesium (mg)160Isoleucine (g)2.7
Total Carbohydrates (g)8Vitamin K (mcg)10Phosphorous (g)1.4Leucine (g)6.9
Dietary Fiber (g)0.3Vitamin B12 (mcg)0.3Iron (mg)2.5Lysine (g)7.1
Cholesterol (mg)49Vitamin C (mg)90Calcium (g)2.0Methionine (g)2.8
Saturated Fatty Acid (g)0.7Vitamin B6 (mcg)104Sodium (mg)96Phenlyalanine (g)3.2
Trans Fat (g) 0.0Vitamin B1 (mcg)143Potassium (mg)419Threonine (g) 2.8
Protein (g)80Vitamin B2(mcg)921Tryptophan (g)0.6
Vitamin B3 (mcg)175Valine (g)1.8
Vitamin B5 (mg)0.8Aspartic Acid (g)6.5
Folic Acid (mcg)17Serine (g)4.3
Biotin (mcg)7.0Glutamic Acid (g)16.2
Glysine (g)1.6
Arginine (g)2.5
Alanine (g)2.9
Proline (g)9.6
Cystine (g)5.1
Tyrosine (g)3.5


» Advantageous Protein Combo of Micellar Casein (Slow release) & Whey (Fast release) in the ratio 80:20, Gives the perfect blend for uniform energy level during Workouts.

» 100% Natural form with protein content of 80% (about 80g of protein / 100g of ActivDay).

» Rich source of Protein, Calcium, Vitamin B2, B12, Phosphorus & Magnesium.

» Cold filtration process of skim milk to provide an extremely pure and native protein.

» Rich in amino acid profile for rebuilding muscles and providing vital nutrition for your body.

» High quality protein helps to build the lean muscles.

» Low level of Carbohydrates and Fat.


Directions for use

» Take 2 heaped scoops (serving size 15g) of powder

» Add 50ml of water and mix thoroughly

» Add 150ml of water or milk or other ingredients to make your nutrition shake

» Add sugar for taste (optional)

» Stir thoroughly & consume immediately