Dairytex Reduces the Whey Water in Dahi Cups

DairyTEX is a Soluble Un Denatured (Native) Milk Protein with 50% protein that can aid well in increasing the protein in the product to 

  • Reduce the whey seperation in Dahi / Curd production
  • Increase the Taste and texture of Curd and Dahi 
  • Increase Protein in Greek Yogurt / Yogurt Production
  • Increase the Yield of Paneer and Cheese Production. 

Increases the gelling property of Curd / Dahi to with stand Harsh transportation and gives a pristine taste to the Curd / Dahi.

The Added Protein is an extra health point to be considered.


Its easy to make Indian Curd / Yoghurt and other fermented dairy desserts that match consumer trends and improve your competitive edge. Whether you want to reduce the fat or raise the protein content, our natural EnNutrica Milk Protein Concentrates as Dairytex, will make your recipe work – Ensuring a high level of creaminess, great body and a delicious dairy taste. Supporting healthy Living.

Many Companies and Dairy production Specialists add Milk Protein Concentrate (MPC) to yogurt as functional ingredients. They are sometimes mistakenly referred to as “stabilizers”. 

How this was Done Before MPC?

Before the availability of MPC, it was noted that adding a protein product to yogurt milk did improve yogurt gel stability (shelf life). The higher the viscosity of the protein in water, the better it is at stabilizing, because high viscosity proteins will bind more water.

Regulations in different countries limit  how much of these stabilizers a yogurt manufacturer can add. Stirred curd yogurt manufacturers need more stabilizing/viscosity building in their yogurts than the legal maximum levels of stabilizers will sometimes provide. That is when yogurt manufacturers look to milk proteins to perform a stabilizer type of function in yogurt. 


Initially, yogurt manufacturers turned to WPC for extra stability. With the advent of MPC manufacture, MPC became a preferred functional ingredient in yogurt. As the MPC Adds more gelling to the dahi / curd / yogurt, MPC became the Preferred choice when compared to WPC. 

Transform the Quality of your Yellow Cheese, White Cheese, Mould Cheese, Toast Cheese, Cheese Spreads, Cream Cheese, Cottage Cheese and other Cheese Types by using dairytex.

With Dairytex’s Functional Milk Proteins, you can ensure the Structure, Texture, Mouthfeel and Stability of your Cheese / Paneer Products.

Less Milk – More Cheese / Paneer Yield – Increases the Yield of Cheese / Paneer. Contact us to Get a Detailed Study on Paneer Production Advantages.

Ennutrica Cheese

Texture, Air Incorporation, Moistness, Freshness, Egg Reduction / Natural Egg Replacement, Protein Enrichment, Gluten Free Options, Calcium Enrichment.