Whey Protein Concentrate | WPC 70, 80

We Make whey protein concentrate by cold filtration of whey to concentrate the proteins and then spray dried to get the Whey Protein Concentrates with Required Protein levels.

EnNutrica’s Whey Protein Concentrates are Widely used in the nutrition industry for its fast release and fast digesting Proteins. However, The Insulin Spike in Whey proteins are very high and For main stream Weight reduction applications, the weight trainers are more aware that the Formula Range of Milk protein Concentrates are more effective.

But, Traditionally, for the Sports Nutrition, Where the Energy Burst is Needed Immediately after consuming, the Whey proteins can be of Great Help.

Whey Protein concentrates dissolves into a clear liquid and Can be used in Nutritional Beverages. The Albumin content of EnNutrica’s Whey Protein concentrate act as a good Egg Re-placer in Baking industry for making Vegetarian Cakes and Breads.

In Sports Nutrition, Like in the usage of Football, where the Instant energy is needed, The Whey protein Can be of good Help.

In Where as in the case of Cricket and for Endurance Training, Where Consistent energy level for longer time is needed, the Formula Range of Milk Protein Concentrates with Micellar Casein can be of Great Help Providing Consistent Energy Level for extended period of time.

Because of the Fats Energy release property, Whey Protein Concentrates are used in Nutrition Industry where the Quick Energy release is Needed.

The Below shows the energy Release pattern of whey protein concentrates from EnNutrica. As Stated Above, The Energy release pattern of Whey Protein Concentrates shows the Fats Burst of energy with in One Hour of Consumption and then the Energy level drops. This is Highly favorable in sports applications like Tennis, Football, Soccer, Kabadi, Bike Racing for Short Laps etc.

Energy Release Pattern of Whey Protein Concentrates