ICETEX is a Protein Concentrate Formula, Prepared from Fresh Skim Milk using Cold Filtration Process.

EnNutrica’s ICETEX is used in Ice Cream or Frozen Dessert Manufacturing to increase the Taste, Aroma and Texture Profile. It Also gives the Emulsifier Property and aids in air incorporation. Reduces the Sandiness when the Product faces many thaw cycles. Temperature stability of the Product Increases. ICETEX Helps the Ice Creams and Frozen Desserts to maintain the Freshness and Remains Pristine throughout its Entire Shelf Life.

Making great ice cream has always been a challenge. And, with todays trends towards more natural, high-protein and low-fat products, the hurdles on the road to success have not got any lower.

EnNutrica ICETEX range of  Milk Protein Concentrates are tailored to your quality needs, optimizing the structure, melting properties and shrinking resistance of your ice cream right through shelf life. And we can fill the sensory gap in low-fat, low-sugar formulations, for great-tasting products that health-conscious consumers will love.

Making a Smooth Road to Successful Ice Creams…

Technical Study on the Working of Milk Protein Concentrate on Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert (Courtesy THARP & YOUNG ON ICE CREAM)


Page 384 of THARP & YOUNG ON ICE CREAM – An Encyclopedic Guide to Ice Cream Science and Technology – by Bruce W Tharp L. Steven Young.

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