About Us

EnNutrica Proteins Division, Dindigul Farm Product Pvt Ltd., is established in 2011 and Has Started the Production of Skimmed Milk Powder, Milk Protein Concentrates, Milk Whey Powder, Whey Powder, Whey Protein Concentrates, Evaporated Milk, Whole Milk powder, Dairy Whitener, and Casein from Skimmed Milk by 2015.

The Procurement of Milk is From Raaj Group’s Milk Division “Raaj Milk“, a 250,000 Litre Milk per Day Liquid Milk Dairy viz., A.R Dairy Food Pvt Ltd (Estd: 1998) at Dindigul, 50 Kms away from the Dindigul Farm Product Pvt Ltd (DFPPL) and has a well-established Network of 14 Chilling Centers and effectively have a Procurement zone of almost 18 Different Districts in Tamilnadu.

The packed Liquid retail Pouch Milk and Curd, and is marketed in Tamilnadu (Brand: Raaj) and Kerala (Brand: Malabar).

The proteins are Supplied to Businesses in the name of Formula 7+, Formula 8 and Formula 8+ 


The High Quality Proteins are also available directly via the ActivDay retail packs. The retail Version of the Proteins are named PRIME, CHOCO, Premium and JUNIOR. To cater to all Customers. 

For Clearing the Questions around Milk protein Concentrates, A Dedicated FAQ Page is also provided for better understanding for the customers.

Milk/Whey Handling Capacity

300,000 Litres/Day

Evaporation Milk

50,000 Litres of Milk/Day

Spray Dryer Unit & Casein Plant

3,500 Kgs + 6,000 Kgs of Powder/Day
6,000 Kgs of Casein/Day

Our story

With The implementation of Latest Filtration Technology from the Technology Leaders Like GE, Koch for Micro, Ultra, Nano and RO and by Implementing the Hygienic standards that are Set By Top International Food & Nutrition Manufacturing Companies, we produce High Quality Milk Ingredients (Casein, Whey powders, Protein Concentrates and Lactose) from 99.98% Farm Fresh Cow Milk.

To Deliver Goodness by Safe, Hygienic & Quality Dairy Products and Ingredients with International Standards

SHQ is the way to express our social responsibility.

SHQ is the Reason to Manufacture.

SHQ is Prime.

Filtration Equipment

Ultra Filtration 10,000 Litres Per Hour, Make: APV, with Koch Membranes.
Microfiltration 20,000 Litres per Hour, Make: APV Invensys, Ceramic membranes By Membralox.
Nano Filtration 15,000 Litres per Hour, Make: IOON Techniques, With GE Membranes.

Our Experts with Us

Mr. Sharad Chandra Basa, BSc IDD Dairy Technology, Dairy Technologist Germany & Australia

One of the Leading Dairy Technology Person in India.

Has 40 + years of experience in Dairy Field.

He is one of the Key Person behind the DFPPLs Design and Implementation.

Worked with Many Dairy and Continues to Bring More Technology and Growth in ennutricagroup.

Dr. Manickavasagam R, Ph.D ., Advance Operation Management (IIM-K), (Lead Auditor-Food safety, Lean Mgmt)

Has 27 + years of Experience in Dairy & Food industries.

Expert is ISO, HACCP, and EIA Implementations.

Lead Auditor – Food Safety, Quality Management and Lean concepts.

Research Scholar – Dairy Science; – Guest Lecture – GRI.

Special Status:

  • Visiting Faculty – CBT- AnnaUniversity
  • Honorary Lecturer – School of Agriculture & Animal husbandry-GRI
  • Member- Board of Studies Dept.,of Chemistry – GTN College -Dindigul
  • Governing Body member -Arcod -Non Government Organization  



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Seminars & Conference

1. International Meet on India Food safety submit, Speaker, on Food Allergens, prevention, Detection and Management, December 2020 ,conducted by SYNNEX Group at NewDelhi

2. International Meet on India Food safety submit, Speaker, on Safety and Quality in Dairy and associated Dairy Product, December 2019, Conducted by Synnex Group at NewDelhi

3  International Meet on India Food safety submit, Panel Speaker, on Food Safety and Quality in Dairy and associated Dairy Products , August 2018 ,conducted by Synnex Group at Guragoan

4. National Conference Cum Workshop on Zero Hunger Challenge: Strategies for Food Security,   December 2018, College of Food and Dairy Technology,(Tanuvas), Tamilnadu

5. National Conference Cum Workshop on “Making Indian Food clean and Safe” January 2017, College of Food and Dairy Technology,(Tanuvas), Tamilnadu.

6. National Conference on Advances in Food Processing, Nutrition and Safety May 2017, department of food processing,SRM University, Tamilnadu.

7. National Seminar on Quality-A tool for Value Addition of Dairy Foods ,January 2016 conducted by ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute , southern     Regional Station, Karnataka

8. National Conference on Emerging trends in Food processing and Quality Assurance,  April 2016, department of food processing,SRM University, Tamilnadu

9. National Seminar on Recent Trends in Eco-Friendly Farming Practices For Food Security, March 2015, conducted by , GRI , Gandhigram Deemed to be university

10. National Seminar on  Recent Advances in Chemistry August, 2015, conducted by Kandasamy Kandar’s college

11. National Seminar on Pure, Safe and Nutritious Milk, December 2015 conducted by Indian Dairy Association and SMC  College of Dairy Science

Mrs. R. Rajadharshini, B.Tech., (Director – Quality) ( Bio Technology, PG D in Biotechniques)

Worked with a Leading MNC which is a pioneer in Protein Purification and Antibody Production for Pharma Industry.

In Raaj Group of companies for the past 10 Years.