Evaporated & Condensed Milk

Evaporated and Condensed Milk is well known in the food industries and are available from ennutrica group. We produce TS Levels from 25 BRIX to 45 BRIX.

EnNutrica Evaporated Milk is manufactured from 99.9% Farm fresh Cow Milk, Grade A, pasteurized, skimmed milk / Whole Milk.

Instead of adding Skimmed Milk Powder, Addition of ennutrica Condensed / Evaporated Milk Can Give your Products a Freshness feel and the Ultimate Milk Taste with Aroma.

EnNutrica Evaporated milk and Condensed Skim or whole Milk is used in making Milk Sweets and in Several Milk And Milk Products.

EnNutrica Condensed Milk is Used in Making Milk Sweets and in Several Dairy products such as Cheese, Paneer, Khoa, Biscuits/Cookies, Chocolate.

EnNutrica Evaporated Milk Gives the Advantage of Having a Cheese / Paneer Manufacturing Plant in the City to Deliver the Freshness to Customers.