EnNutrica Group of Companies has the vision to provide better food products to the customers by complying with various Food safety, Hygienic standards, understanding the importance and to make the work force understand the regulations in better way to give Quality products.

We believe in Controlling the Quality at every point from the Farm (Source) to the table (End User). Everyone in the Supply Chain are trained and we ensure the Food Safety with Hygienic Practices and the importance of following the same.

Quality Assurance Department, Makes Every Person in our supply chain and processing to be social responsibility of the Products Produced and the Importance of follow the principles in the regulation to give a better product, now and every time. 

We deliver; Reliability, Consistency and Satisfaction in Quality, Schedule and Response.

Our Mission & Vision


To Deliver Goodness by Safe, Hygienic & Quality Dairy Products and Ingredients with International Standards

SHQ is the way to express our social responsibility.

SHQ is the Reason to Manufacture.

SHQ is Prime.


Produce the world class dairy products, which meets the international standards.

Deliver Best Hygienic Dairy products & Ingredients to Consumers World Wide.

Create and Deliver Dairy Nutrition Choices for Today and Tomorrow.

Rural Development by providing good Economics to Dairy farmers, with EnNutrica’s world class Dairy Products & Ingredients.