Skimmed Milk Powder

Skimmed Milk Powder

Skimmed Milk Powder

EnNutrica Skimmed Milk Powder is Produced from Cream Seperated Farm Fresh Grass Fed Cow Milk (99.98%)

Collected and Monitored as per International Codex, from our special network of unified Farmer’s 4000 Closely Monitored farms from arround Tamilnadu, We Bring you the Skimmed Milk Powder with Excellent Flavour, Nutritional, Hygienic and Dispersability Profile.

Excelling in Hygienie, Ash level, Dispersability with Lowest FAT Levels, We offer the ennutrica Skimmed Milk Powder that exceeds International Standards.

Fat < 0.5%, Ash < 8%, SPC <10000 cfu, BD < 0.58 – Better Solubility with Hygiene

ennutrica Skimmed Milk Powder Has proven its Quality in Several Markets Due to the Lowest Fat Resulting for the Better Control Over Food and Nutrition Formulations and has been Know as the Leader for Lowest Fat and Original Cow Milk Taste Profile. At ennutrica Group, We Even Give ennutrica Skimmed Milk Powder With Fat at 1.3% For Taste Profile and Fat < 0.3% for Nutrition Formulation Purposes.

ennutrica Skimmed Milk Powder With its Excellent Flavour and Versatility, Our ennutrica SMP Variants are Suitable for use across a full spectrum of food and Nutrition application, Including

Fermented Dairy, Processed Cheese, Infant Nutrition, Confectionery, Fresh Dairy, General Food use, Reconstitue and Use as Milk For Diet Concious People – Promotes Weight Reduction While keeping High Energy levels when used as Replacement for Regular Milk / Dairy Whitener for Instant Cofee, Tea and Similar Beverages.

For Diest Consious People and For People who wants to Control the Fat intake, the ennutrica Skimmed Milk Powder Can be a Best Source of Muscle Building Proteins and Provide High Energy Levels by Consuming Skimmed Milk reconstituted from ennutrica Skimmed Milk Powder.

Baking, Confectionery

Skimmed milk powder is widely used by the dairy industry itself, as a medium for propagation starters in cheese -making to boost solids in yoghurts and dairy desserts and in products like cheese spreads.

High heat skimmed milk powder has a high water absorptivity and its main use is in baking , soups and confectionery and recombined products. SMP is used widely as a food ingredient.

For the past several years ,the largest markets for SMP have been dairy , prepared dry mixes ,confectionery and bakery .

SMP can be reconstituted by adding water to obtain liquid milk , recombined by adding water and fat in such a quantity to achieve the desired fat content, or simply used as an ingredient.

In high nutritional quality combined with its versatile and multi functional properties makes it attractive for many applications such as the following

Reconstituted Skimmed Milk Powder

As a result of the long stable shelf life, the reduced storage space needed and nutritive value of SMP as compared to fluid milk , it is desirable in many regions with unfavourable climatic conditions and also in certain unusual conditions ( e.g .war , earthquakes ,epidemics ) In these situations , SMP can be reconstituted to provide a substitute for fluid milk.

SMP is used in the food industry as a replacement for fluid milk.

Recombined Skimmed Milk powder

When recombined with water and fat, SMP can be used as a dairy component in place of fluid milk or cream in a number of applications where fluid milk and cream would ordinarily be used.

SMP in Milk chocolate

SMP also lends a desirable light dairy flavour, helps control sucrose crystallisation (due to its lactose content), and binds water to produce the firm, chewy texture of confectionery centres.

The firm structure and increased stability from smp also allows the confectionery centres to with stand high temperatures and enrobing process conditions. SMP is used to produce milk chocolate for its distinct flavour and smooth milky texture characteristics.

Malted Food Beverages

Malted Powders are preferable for beverages in homes and restaurants. The confection industry is also malted. It is also apopular foods for invalids.

Malted food beverages are rich source of readily available carbohydrates. The cereals proteins originally present are partially digested during the malting process. It is also a good sourceof minerals salts vitamins A & B Complex. It together with milk has for long been Considered an important health giving diet.

Gulab Jamun Mix

Gulab jamun mix powder is formulated from skimmed milk powder, Vanaspati( Ghee optional),maida,Semolina,baking powder and ground cardamon.

Two different for mulae have been developed separately for spray dried skimmed milk. Essential equipment needed are gheemelter,dry blender weighing machine and a packaging unit. The product can be marketed in a metallised polyester pouches.

Bakery products

Commonly used in many bakery products such as breads,cakes,doughnuts,rollsetc. To add nutritive value( flour lacks some essential amino acids and minerals) improve flavour,enhance browning ( presence of lactose) and improve water binding capacity allowing the bakery product to remain fresh longer.

In cakes ,SMP has also been shown to stabilise the batter and improve tenderness.

Milk in Mid - Day Meals Scheme

Milk and SMP are rich source of nutrition and required for balanced diet. Many states in india had already implemented the availability of free milk products schemes to raise the nutritional level of school children through encouraging cooperatives milk in mid- day meal schemes

Milk Supply has always remained a problem in the mid -day meal schme. It is not widely used because of the scarcity of milk in rural areas and the short shelf life of milk. Milk Powder may make things easier,but it may have slightly lower nutritional value than the fresh milk.

Dry Blend

If a large percentage of sugar is used the low fat or non fat dry milk can be dry blended with the sugar and buffering salt and then instantised for satisfactory dispensability in hot beverages or other liquids . However ,keeping quality in improved if the product contains fat ,by drying the sugar or part of it in the mixture.

Dietetic Products

Among the many dry daity products classified as dietetic the 900 caloric and complete meal preparations have received the most attention in recent years.

They provide people limiting their calorie intake a nutritionally balanced food which is consumed after reliquefication.

The general procedure in manufacture of such products is to fortify skimmed milk with a protein such as sodium caseinate along with vitamins, Minerals and other essential growth factors.

Chocolate ,venilla, minerals and strawberry are but some of the common flavourings whichmay be added for taste appeal.

Dried Skimmed Milk -Shortening products

Nonfat dry milk -shortening products have been produced in small amounts for many years.They have been used chiefly by the baking industry.

Slimmers -Protein

100 gm Slimmers -Protein has only about 350 calories.A drink made of 30 -35 gm slimmer -protein mixed with 200 ml skimmed milk or water has a neutral taste.

It is well adapted as a meal or in between meal for over weight people because of its filling effect and its high content of essentiaql nutriactive substances.