Application for

EnNutrica Application for for Nutrition, Dairy, IceCream & Baking Industry.

Our Dairy ingredients can be Applied readily to the Food Products to achieve Better Taste, Texture and Mouth Feel along with Nutrition Fortification.

Our Product range are as shown below. Please Click on the Respected Industry or Visit our Products Page for All Products.

Food ProductsOur SolutionEnhances
AllMilk Protein ConcentratesProteins
Whipped CreamCasein and Sodium CaseinatesTexture and Stability
Biscuits / CookiesWhey Powder / Milk Permeate PowderTexture and Overall Taste
Ice CreamsMilk Protein Concentrates & Sweet Whey PowderTaste, Texture and Rich Feel
Nutrition Powder / Health BarsWhey Protein / Milk Protein concentratesNutritional Value, Body Acceptance & Binding with Taste Profile
Processed / Mozerella CheeseCasein / Rennet CaseinInstantly Made
Beverage Whitener / Instant Hot BeveragesDairy Whitener / Skimmed Milk PowderFlavour and Aroma – Feels like Fresh Milk
Milk Chocolate / ConfectioneriesMilk Permeate Powder or Milk Protein ConcentratesFlavour / Sweetness aith Excellent aroma
Milk SweetsCondensed or Evaporated Whole / Skim MilkEase of Making – Yield and Aroma
Cheese and PaneerMilk Protein ConcentratesDouble your Production – With Same Equipment and Cost
Bakery – Bread and PuffWhey PowderCaramelization Effect, Puffing, Aroma & Freshness