We Produce and Deliver Safe, Hygienic, Quality and Nutrient Rich Products

Goodness for Everyone at Every Stage of Life.


We Focus on Making our Customer's Products More Desirable

Our Customers

We Strive for Our Customers Success

24/7 Orders

Our Food Technologists work 365 days 24 x 7 to make the Dairy Ingredients work for your benefit.

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Dairy is an incredible source of nutrition for infants, children and Adults. Dairy Ingredients has Many Vital items to offer for everyone.

We Strive to make difference to Health and Wellbeing of people By Securing the Quality of the Product.

By Following Stringent Hygiene Standards and Food Safety Framework with Responsible Dairying to bring you True Natural Dairy Nutrition to Every Dairy Consumer’s Life in this World

Through You (Our Customers) and your Products.

We Focus on Making our Customer’s Products More Desirable.

We Strive for Our Customers Success

We Produce and Deliver Safe, Hygienic, Quality and Nutrient Rich Products.

Research and Development

ennutrica Group of Companies has the Lab Facilities suitable to do the Dairy Ingredients Research on Various Food products and our Team of Experts Includes Food Engineering Students, Food Industry Experts and Several Doctors from Prime Research Institutes around the world.

We believe in Continuous Advancement of Technology to Deliver the Quality Product with Maximum and Consistent Product Performance.

We work of Different Methods to Effectively Maintain Hygienic Practices, Create A better Means to procure Milk at Farm Level, Priliminary Pasteurization at Chilling Centers by UV to Ensure High Quality of Received Milk, Energy Efficiency and Much More.


We Continuously work with our customers to provide the product or to Design a Customer Specific Product for our customer to make our Customer’s products more Desirable to End User

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Food Designing, Formulations, Providing Necessary Technical Assistance in making your product more desirable to Consumers (Your Customers) by Keeping the Cost Stable or by Decreasing the Costs and Giving Functional properties in all food products which use or can use Dairy Ingredients.